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ARTPRIZE 2011 - Grand Rapids, Michigan, September 21 - October 19, 2011



Redux means "to re-imagine". Cut entirely from Tyvek paper, "Paperika Redux" asks the viewer to re-imagine paper in the 21st century. Simultaneously precious, and disposable, paper has been the archival repository of our storytelling, culture and history of the world - a job currently being relegated to digital devices. We now look at paper in new ways.

The work also asks us to re-imagine the natural world as we confront climate change, species extinction and genetic modification. Paperika Redux provides a re-imagined organic nature displayed against the background of the natural world beyond the windows in the exhibition center. Two primal cutting styles are used with several variations to combine, flow, morph and multiply, creating complexity from simplicity. By positioning the paper on both the inside and outside of the glass, we bridge the gap, allowing nature to come inside and freeing the art to overlay on the natural world.

"Paperika Redux" is 24' 6" high by 66' 1" wide, consisting of 6 very large panels and 7 smaller panels. The work was site-specifically designed for the west window wall of DeVos Place' Grand Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A "skywalk" bridge passes in front of the piece allowing viewers to see details in the work. Shipps made an estimated 200,000 cuts to complete the piece. It was cut from a very large roll of Tyvek paper using an x-acto knife. Several paper panels "pass through" the glass to appear on the outside of the building. The paper panels are held in place on four large metal grids using magnets, giving the work it's sculptural contouring effects. Additional magnets secure several panels to the building's framework.

The piece is informed by traditional paper cutting techniques from many cultures around the world.

Artprize is an international art event offering some of the world's largest cash prizes for an art competition. Over 1500 artists participated in 2011, exhibiting their work in over 150 venues in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For more information on Artprize, please go to www.artprize.org

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